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Old 12-07-2011, 08:04 AM
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Default Clunky Controls

I'm sure this is already in the works, but figure I'll make a thread with the name for search reference.

Controls are clunky, not much else I can say, it's very difficult to issue a direct attack order on enemy units, since we have to basically right click the model, which can be very small, and misclicking results in our ranged units walking right next to the enemy. When it comes to "real-time" strategy, controls are a defining factor here, wrong moves can result in heavy casualties. Right now it's only safe to attack move, but also it's difficult to tell if an attack move was successfully done, and it's also difficult to tell that were still stuck in the attack move mode, a little more visual representation aside from the "Attack move" button being lit up.

Heres my suggestion, for targetting enemies, the enemy battalion flags should have a wider click radius, were talking a bigger circle here. More importantly, how about having the flags high light a bright flash or color indicating that our mouse is hovering over our desired target, I want my cavalry to charge into those archers, not the pikemen who have their flag right next to it. The reason I say the battalion flags is this would be easier than making the selection radius on the models physically large, that could be a little annoying when a stray unit happens to walk in the way of your mouse when your trying to click something else, the flags are less numerous and more direct in terms of attack target. In terms of units without flags, I'm hoping they are just big enough to click that it's not a problem

In terms of attack/attackmove differentiating, Aside from just having a toggle, there should be a hotkey or direct command for attack move. Or how about a text on each individual units indicating what their current order is. That way we can check to see if our unit is attack moving, moving, attacking, or using a spell.

Now in terms of unit selection, right now I don't know if theres a way to deselect units that are already selected? I might have not found it, but if I'm currently selecting a swordsman, 2 archers, and a crossbowmen, if I wanted to only select the ranged units it would be alot more convenient just to drop the swordsmen from my selection, rather than having to reselect only the ranged units manually. If there is a deselect, I suggest moving it to "Hold ctrl and click units to remove them from selection."

Ok, now maybe I'll mention something about the UI here, I notice that certain units are grouped by unit types mostly at the top, some units are kinda in spots they don't belong (mainly the dwarf units) thing is, it's very difficult to tell which units are critically injured and in danger of getting completely wiped out. Considering loss of a squad results in a loss of all that gained experience, I think we need a little better indication of our units demise. I think that the simplist solution would be that when a units life reaches red, or close to red, it gets put into it's own little selection along with other units in red health. That way we simply click this to select our critically injured units and get them the heck out of there, rather than selecting every single unit we have, and trying to remember which units we pulled back and which ones we haven't yet.
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