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Old 10-15-2011, 05:33 AM
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Default Warlord Gromgorgan - Path To Glory

Warlord Gromgorgan - Path to Glory

(Continued from 'Thagurz's Tale' :

Gomlashgar after watching Thagurz leave finally let out a long sigh, The battle had left him drained and hurt as he made his way to the great hut. Within he sat upon his simple chair, He had no need for large thrones like many of the orc chieftans used. An there he sat resting and thinking of the days events. His eyes slipped to a close for a few moments before they shot open, There in the great hut doorway was an orc he did not recognize. he had a blade in hand and eyes alight with something Gomlashgar had not seen in a long time. Gomlashgar stood up despite looking a little feeble from his wounds and fatigue and approached the warrior to greet him.

'I am Gromgorgan... You chieftan here? Answer me!' - Gromgorgan

The sudden outburst told Gomlashgar exactly what this orc had come for and this worried Gomlashgar very much indeed as in his current state he was far from ready for battle, Either way he would not lie and become a coward to this newcomer.

'I am Gomlashgar, Chieftan of the Bloodied Eye tribe stranger welco-' Gomlashgar

Before the chieftan could finish the strange orc known as Gromgorgan let out a loud roar of rage as his hand swiftly found Gomlashgar's throat, Despite the average build of this orc Gomlashgar was shocked when he was lifted off the ground a little and slammed against the great hut wall. Pain shot through Gomlashgar as his previous wounds ached at the impact. Again and again he was slammed against the wall.

'I want your whole tribe to see this chieftan, Your tribe is now MINE' - Gromgorgan

Gromgorgan roared once more as Gomlashgar was thrown out of the great huts doorway, As he rolled accross the sandy dirt path Gomlashgar grunted in pain once more as he looked up. Gromgorgan was approaching with blade in hand eager for battle. Gomlashgar slowly got to his feet and drew his blade whispering under his breath to the sword 'Do not fail me now old friend'.

The orc tribesmen quickly stopped their work and started to run over to watch this unexpected event. Blades clashed and hissed through the air as the two orcs fought wildly. The tribe watched every dodge, Every parry closely. Gomlashgar roared with pain as his previous wounds began to take their toll even more on his performance, he began to back up with every merciless strike and thrust from Gromgorgan. Until finally Gomlashgar could not fight anymore, As Gromgorgan knocked his blade out of his hands as his foot came to connect with the broken chieftans stomach and as he screamed in pain and fell to his knees. Gromgorgan's knee then came swiftly to connect with Gomlashgar's head as he was knocked off his knees to the floor on to his back. Gromgorgan's foot then was placed upon the chieftans chest in victory as he looked around at the crowd of tribesmen.

'Know this! I claim this tribe as my own! I have defeated your chief in combat and thus it is my right! Do not think that this is the begining of the end MY tribe, Know that Warlord Gromgorgan will make you strong and proud! I will bring glory to the Bloodied Eye tribe! THIS I VOW!' - Gromgorgan

Suddenly every tribesmen began to sink down to kneel before Gromgorgan as he nodded satisfied, Gomlashgar's faint breathing was felt under Gromgorgan's foot as his eyes opened looking up at the new chief, No anger was in his eyes, Or hate. What Gromgorgan saw in his eyes were sadness. Gromgorgan spat on the ground and snarled at Gomlashgar.

'As for you.. I will not kill you.. However i will do what is equally fatal. Your name will fade into dust and be forgotten to nothingness! I strip you of all you are known as from the past and all your deeds will be uttered no more in this tribe on pain of death!' - Gromgorgan

Gomlashgar at that moment just gave up, His head slumped to the ground as he looked at the sky, The beautiful Brakental sky. He knew from this moment he may be alive but he has been killed nontheless. He was a husk, a shell with nothing within.

'However.. Your fighting style is most unique 'orc'. An i believe you may have a use, You will train my people in your fighting style, Combined with my own they will become mighty ferocious warriors..Fail in this and know that i will kill you a second time. Now.. get up! Get up 'General' you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow... hm hm hm' - Gromgorgan

The General rose slowly as Gromgorgan's foot was removed, His shaking body screaming with pain he stood as striaght as he could and simply saluted the Chieftan. An with that salute he had accepted his fate, Nothing would bring back his past now in the eyes of his people, Now he was only 'The General' and his people were no longer his own.

End of Part 1
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Old 10-15-2011, 10:40 AM
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But I feel sorry for the poor General; he helps the other orcs come to power, but is stripped of his authority by the new chieftain! (guess that's what he gets for being nice to Thagurz )
That was so funny, I laughed twice.
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