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Old 04-27-2008, 02:09 AM
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Talking Flying Mounts

Personally, with dragons dominating the skies, i think there should be other fliers.

Elves maybe would have pegasi, men gryphons, and orcs a wyvern maybe...

Since only the best dragons can fly, maybe only the stronger units or even only heroes can mount these. They would probably be much more costly than a grounded mount but the advantages far outweigh the cost. Ranged heroes would gain a much further range, magicians could cast spells and retreat, and melee heroes could swoop down and attack then retreat to the safety of the skies.

Of course, unless you get an armored variant (which would look AMAZING!) flight is a very fragile thing. Even jets take only a few hits before they come crashing down.


You fly!
Greatly enhanced sight/range.
Aesthetics would be awesome, especially if you added smooth animations for swooping down and meleeing, or maybe the mount will actually slant to turn, as it would in real life.
Imagine a courageous hero on his gryphon engaging in an epic duel with a Dragon!


The mount wouldn't have much hp, unless, as said before, you get an armored variant.
It's a long way to the ground.

This would add an entirely new strategy for the races whom are not gifted with wings. Even if only heroes could mount these (it would be a high risk tactic though, as you lose the mount, you lose the hero, unless he's flying low.) you could pester an enemy easily. Since buildings won't be affected by small arms (swords, arrows, etc.) the tactic wouldnt work well versus a well defended opponent, or raiding economies, but you could easily pester an enemy.

Thus said, they would only be available for late-game, as airborne rushes wouldn't be that fun to counter, unless an un-armored mount is overly weak and able to be taken out with a few arrows.

Another suggestion, is that if you do add this concept, you should be able to set the height at which you fly. Flying low would limit the chance of dying if your mount is killed, increase your chance of hitting someone, and allow melee characters to attack, but you would be much more susceptible to being hit and therefore easier to kill. But flying high would mean it takes an extremely skilled marksman to hit you, but only ranged classes could shoot, with limited effect as you wouldn't hit very much unless you are skilled, or your target is huge, like an ogre.

Also, what if your melee hero could land on the walls? That'd be cool, and your archers and magi heroes could have a better line of sight when sieging, as you don't have them pesky battlements blocking your view. Which brings me to another thing, Dragons and subsequent fliers should be able to land, to forego the advantages of flight and becoming like a normal mount, this would be useful if the enemy brings a strong array of archers to bear and you could save your flier for a more, advantageous, occasion.

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