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Old 04-07-2008, 02:23 PM
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Default More questions and suggestions :D

WARNING massive have been warned hehe (+ sorry for such length)

Well ive been away for a while work and life and other odd things (like bloody Wow which im done with) have diverted me from this game...but now I'm back!

After again since my last visit, having played through around 15 more RTS and RPG games, here i present yee all with some questions and suggestions ^^

1) Naval combat, Game effects, particles more info? What can we expect?

I absolutely LOVE the AOE3 naval "combat" (sure the ships can be jittery and move sideways half the time lol) but the effects from when you blow your cannon balls ( a bit dirty, sry :P) into other ships, and chunks come flying off and wood and bricks on buildings all scatter and fly and flutter across the maps...its my fav thing about the game, how good it looks just blows me away. Love the effects. So i was just wondering what we can expect from DOF?

Since the game is largely around big ass castles and walls and buildings, im guessing huge emphasis is taken into account for there destruction, like blasting a hole in a gate or wall and seeing the bricks fly about and remain persistent (for a while, to avoid lag) would be brilliant! Not forgetting the particle effects of dust and soot and fire n flames =]

2) Environments, maps sizes, weather? (if any)

Ive seen deserts, forests, canyons and a bit of both here and there, but what else can we expect to see? Can we expect Terran deformation/land scorching/maybe even forest fires? hehe that would be chaotic.

And how big can we expect to see maps or areas/environments? Are we talking between a range of...2-3 minutes from corner to corner with the fastest unit all the way up to 10-20 minute jobs? Such as maps like...well i dunno what dimensions you measure in, 1-5 real life miles or more?

Also weather, affect on game play? Or generic eye candy? What ranges can we expect to see? Sun-rain-snow-sleet-winds-storms etc. Or maybe acts of God? (in the generic sense) I.E. earthquakes, tsunamis, tornado's...meteors? Maybe im going a bit far heh.

3) Skirmish modes, mod making, map making and general flexibility of the engine. (I here you have an editor which claims to be "powerful" but just how powerful :P

I would hopefully assume...being an RTS and all that there is a single player/against AI skirmish mode planned? *crosses fingers until they snap* lol. Because there just has to be! Combining the best of both and all worlds, Single player, skirmish, online/LAN etc, + how many maps estimated to be at launch? moving on...(underground areas? Mountainous areas? etc).

How will your bases/cities or w/e work? Will it have such a system where...we could have some kind of blueprint which we could choose to save or use for skirmish modes? For example here's some different modes i could see that i reckon would be sweet:

-Normal skirmish/Team play etc

Normal game play as such, build a base, rack up armies, waste opponents etc...cap special resources (if any) are there minor civs we can use to aid us at all? Well a/w yeah, normal play. This is generically speaking, i know there probably trade and diplomacy as well etc but, you guys get me :P just "normal" mode.

-Survival, Stand and destroy *usage of a base blueprint here maybe or w/e?*

You start out with a small base maybe w/ a few troops or w/e. You have a large perimeter wall surround your base, maybe with slightly buffed hit points. (similar to the mode in AOE3 which i cant remember the name of). A "Defend your castle/base" kind of game mode. And you must build up a mighty defense and survive every increasing numbers of enemy units attacking you, coming in greater and greater waves with powerful and destructive units and magic later on, maybe with some super units every 5 or 10 waves etc...have a choice...stand and defend, or push back and destroy. Maybe deathmatch style starting resources...reduced diplomacy (if any) for teams members...ability to merge bases or whatever (large maps only maybe...unless your feeling lucky)

-Unit Haven

No castles or defensive structures at all and limited military buildings, some what a different style to add to battles, using only units at your disposal, you must use the map/environment it your defense. (maybe a good mode to incorporate minor civs or neutral units to claim etc). Stronger emphasis on hero units maybe...move around the large maps making little forward camps or something, then pushing further and driving your enemy back under the grips of your massive armies, before crushing them under your might! Maybe increased unit production values, cheaper for units to be built, no siege, purely unit warfare. For those who would like a little more gameplay focused on the units them selves or something.

Well that's my breakdown of skirmish anyway :P.

Moving on...

Map making and mod tools, hopefully we can expect to see some kind of tools for both creating our content/importing/exporting and making our own mods and maps? Maybe even with some form of in game mod manager and/or custom folder to stick in (A launcher would be better IMHO, since you would be able to enable multiple ones at once...unless strict warning from authors advises of conflicts etc). How flexible will the engine be? Will we only be able to do simple things like edit stats etc...

Or...will we have the ability to (if so desired), to rip everything out and stick our own stuff in it from scratch (be it maybe a modern day mod or....simply our own models or w/e)? The engine looks fantastic ATM, but how far can it go?

+ How easy will it be? Will we need skilled C++'s or can any old noob have a tinker?

Since im a modder by heart...I'd love to have a go at modding this game as well as mapping!

4) Units/buildings/magic/technology ranges and extensiveness

We already know that your planning on 100's to maybe 1000's of on screen units at once...but how many different types of units will be have? I'm guessing, purely from the scale of this game...that we could expect around 40-70+ and maybe around 100+ upgrades and 40-60+ buildings per side/faction? Maybe that's to many but seems about right to me for something of this scale, hero units? XP gaining? RPG ish elements such as...armor and health and damage etc to other units/buildings?

Also range of technology/magics? The game is dawn of "fantasy"...but how "fantastical" are we speaking here? Are we in for some kind of shock surprises like...floating castles and lands masses on maps or...surreal out of this world units and buildings or...divine interventions from...things etc? Or like mutants or chimera type things it just the "mighty magic" feature that implies the fantasy part?

5) The future, after sales support, community attention.

Will you guys continue to patch up (not implying you'll need loads to sort the game out after release lol, just as feature updates and tweaking etc, like all games need and stuff ) and improve the game after release? Will you work with the community and support it with any means necessary? As you should know by now...we are your driving force, your heart and soul, your fuel to prosper and expand! (Sorry if I sound arrogant and egotistical, but strictly speaking it is true, otherwise you wouldn't have a forum here already)

And hopefully more people will be drawn into this from what ive seen so far...its combining a HELL of a lot of awesome elements from other RTS games.

I wish you guys all the best of luck w/ this game (no im not leaving you, just rounding up my thread/post) and hope I can get more people over here to this game, any help or clarification on my questions is greatly appreciated, then again I'm aware of the current development status so, feel free to hold back on us hehe

Sorry for such a long post and so many questions...many which you maybe cant disclose on yet but, im just very excited about this game, and I just hope to heck that you can deliver such a great game practically on release, as well as in our imaginations ^^

PS: Estimated public beta or demo time? hehe

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