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Old 01-21-2011, 03:16 PM
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Default Fantasy Friday - Elven Economy

Fantasy Friday
A Field Guide to the Elven Economy

"It seems you have lived without watching, and survived without understanding. You must change. You must learn to understand the small actions through which our lives are lived.

Harmony guides our thoughts and balance steers our hands. When we take resources, we do so with great care. Wardens harvest resources through use of gentle magic. With this same magic, this gallo, they transport resources to your stockpile.

Clear your mind of violence. We do not harm the forest. We do not chop and torture trikio, the trees. We do not murder animals. These beings do not belong to nhoblio. Our alchemy and symbiosis magic provides both gold and wood."
- Nothras

For the Elves, economic development starts before players even enter their homeland. Pick your homeland region wisely, weighing its economic pros and cons.


While most fans seem to have a good grasp of combat by now, the just as important aspect of economic management has rarely been discussed. Especially for the Elves with their semi-automated economy, Dawn of Fantasy encourages unique economic strategies for each race which may require some introduction and recommendations to aid the new player.

The Elven economy is the most simplified of any of the races, in order to create a self-sustainable economy allowing Elven players to focus on military and homeland construction. Their economy is stable year-round and can continue to thrive even when their homeland comes under attack, making it ideal for the defensive player.

With this said, there are still several parts to their economy:

City Selection:

Building an economy starts before players even enter their homeland for the first time. When prompted to choose a region to settle in at the beginning of the game, players will get a choice of three regions, each with different economic advantages and disadvantages. Isolated from the lower lands, the Elves of the mountainous Taltos have become adept in magic, allowing their alchemy labs to offer cheaper upgrades and a faster generation rate. The greater connection to nature of the Wood Elves of the swamps of Erthee L'Bala means that wood aids wood generation rates, while the rich forest environment of the Elves of Bolfores'l benefits food generation.

These economic attributes, however, may be outweighed by the other advantages of each region, so players should not solely choose their region based on these stats and any region can establish a thriving economy.

Economic Units:

Male Warden - The generic Elven worker unit built from Dwellings or Settlements, capable of gathering resources, corpse looting, fighting fires with magic.

Female Warden - A worker with the same capabilities as a Male Warden, with added skills in ranged combat to create a more flexible unit. Like the Male Warden, Female Wardens can be built from either Dwellings or Settlements.

The Elves have a semi-automated economy based on resource trickles provided by their primary economic buildings as well as resources generated by magic through tribute to the forest.

Economic Buildings:

Residence - Increases the population cap and provides an automatic trickle of a resource of your choice. Residences can be built from your Settlement building, and do not take up Great Trees for construction.

Alchemy Lab - Allows players to transmute resources into another type of resource over time. This allows players with excesses of a single resource type to exchange that resource for a resource they're lacking in without having to resort to trade. The Alchemy Lab also features purchasable upgrades to increase stone and gold production rates and to improve its resource output.

Tree Symbiosis - Creates resource nodes and offers economic upgrades. Economic building which provides gatherable resources. Can summon forest spirits, which provide wood.
  • Forest Spirits - Harness the power of the boleta by summoning a forest spirit for a small tribute. Forest spirits drift between the trees, granting the player a small, but constant, trickle of Wood.
  • Enchanted Resources - Each Symbiosis building provides the player with three enchanted resource nodes, similar to the slots used for construction in the human realm. Elven players can use these nodes to summon an enchanted resource for gathering - a berry bush, a stone mine, or a gold mine. These resources means that the Elves will have a stable economy all year-long, and will have a more sustainable economy than the semi-nomadic men and orcs.

Sylvan Shrine - Economic building which provides a Food trickle. Trains Unicorns and populates the forest with Deer. Upgrades from the Sylvan Shrine can improve the efficiency of food gathering and Sylvan Shrine generation.
  • Deer - The Elves live in harmony with the creatures of the forest. By giving gifts to the forest, the forest will, in turn, provide players with resources. Wild deer can be trained to provide a slow trickle of food, and will roam around your homeland freely.

Recognizing the value of trade is fundamental to a thriving economy - shop around with NPC and players to use your economic surpluses for your advantage.


Any economy can be boosted with some well-planned trade. Players can travel to any NPC town to trade resources for other resources - ideal for players concentrating on a single resource without having to dump their other excess resources to stay within their production limit. Each town specializes in a different resource - so be sure to shop wisely, and ask advisors what they specialize in before making a transaction.


Looting is the final aspect to the Elven economy. The Elves loot by means of magic, giving the corpses back to the forest for a small gift of resources. Looting is ideal for warmongers and traveling armies, with no other form of resource gathering. Players should be sure to always have Wardens in their army, and to task them to loot after each battle.
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