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Old 12-15-2010, 07:41 PM
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Talking Dark Elves Must Rise From The Deep!!

That's right - I'm raising a call for any who want to lend their votes for Dark elves to be released in one of the first expansion packs. TOO LONG have they been opressed and not allowed to have their fair say in the MMO world. To set the mood, here is a story I cooked up a while back for the dark elves:

Once, in a land far gone and long lost to history, a mysterious place existed. There were those that lived below, cast out and shunned by prideful beings above, forever going about their daily torment, living with it as best as they could. Never understood by others outside their slightly fragmented race, as they were thrown down into the pit, they finally had found a family.

With time, old hatreds and old bonds shifted. The roles had been flipped. Their race, banned for millenia, had changed into something not quite Kormin. To be seen would be a horrific site to behold. However, although many saw these creatures as "undead", they are not evil, nor really dead. In fact, it was the "creatures" above, they say, that warped them into their now strange forms. Before, only pariahed by their peers in thoughts and ideas, now they truly were different, able to be marked out physically with the naked eye. not only had they no antennae nor hands, but they also lacked eyes, ironically more aware of their surroundings than those above, who possessed the luxury of light. Their ears, although not extremely large, could compete with a dog's for their pitch. They cupped around at the top and ended in a sharp curve at the bottom, a "v", in such a strange way that was also unnaturally perfect. But the characteristic most noticeable would be the white carapace which surrounds their humanoid form, not quite slimy, but not an exoskeleton either. Not quite invincable, but the equivalent of a shield - it could withstand a broadhead's impact or 2 days in a scorching oven. This skin is the best physical characteristic to represent them. It required understanding of their past and the suffering the Vak'ti endured for so many years, chafing at their very souls until they became as hard as a stone drenched in sunlight for decades. This was also required of them if they were to survive in the bowels of Dera'Mur.

But now, possessed of a single purpose and propogating for thousands of years underneath their oppressors, the Vak'ti were prepared to take back their rightful lands from the Kormin, who had, to the Vak'tis' atvantage, forgotten their existence after all these years. The drums of war were sounded, battle plans laid, and the drills started.

What came next was laid into history, an event to rack the world with its magnitude and intensity for all time....

So raise your voices and let yourselves be heard - who wants the Dark Elves?!!!
A cyber-optic snake (half-dracula)

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