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Old 12-05-2010, 10:42 PM
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Default Team Fortress 2

Any TF2 Players here? In my opinion TF2 is the best class based FPS out there. To those who don't know TF2, Team Fortress 2 is a class-based FPS game created by VALVe. There are 2 teams, RED and BLU, easily distinguished by their (obvious) Red and Blue colored team uniforms. Each team has 9 classes to choose from:

1. Scout: A fast class armed with a Scattergun, Pistol, and Baseball Bat. Although fast, this class has little health. Easily countered by the Heavy and Soldier, and Pyro at close range, but very effective against the Sniper and Medic.

2. Soldier: A slow but strong class armed with a Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, and Shovel. When played right, the Soldier can be lethal to any class, except a good Pyro.

3. Pyro: Medium speed class with a Flamethrower, Shotgun, and Fire axe. Effective against any class that uses Projectiles (Rockets, Grenades, ect.), Weak against Heavies. His flamethower also ignites enemies on fire, which is great for revealing cloaked Spies.

4. Demoman: Another Medium speek class armed with a Grenade Launcher, Sticky Bomb Launcher, and a Bottle. Great for defense and, as his name states, Demolition of buildings such as Sentries.

5. Heavy Weapons Guy: The slowest class out of all, but with the most health. He is armed with a Minigun, Shotgun, and his bare Fists. With the Medic, the Heavy is practically unstoppable, Although a fully charged Sniper headshot will kill him, no matter what.

6. Engineer: Best defense class in the game. The Engineer is armed with a Shotgun, Pistol, and a Wrench. He can build Upgradable Sentries for defense, Dispensers for healing and replenishing ammo, and Teleporters used to assist slow classes in reaching the frontlines faster. Without his sentries, he is extremely vulnerable to any class.

7. Medic: Second fastest class behind the Scout. Armed with a Syringe Gun, Medigun, and Bone Saw. With the Medigun, the Medic can heal his team mates. He can also overheal, temporarily boosting the team mates health by 150%. After the Ubercharge bar is full, the Medic can deploy an Ubercharge, with makes his healee invulnerable for a short time period. However, by himself, he is the weakest class, and vulnerable to anyone.

8. Sniper: Armed obviously with a Sniper Rifle, SMG, and Kukri, a Sniper is extremely effective against any class from afar. However, at close range, he is weak. A fully charged Sniper headshot will kill any class instantly, even if he is being over healed by a Medic. The Spy is his greatest enemy.

9. Spy: Armed with a Revolver, Sapper, Butterfly Knife, Disguise Kit, and Invisibility Watch, the Spy is used to get behind enemy lines. With the Disguise Kit, the Spy can disguise as the enemy, and with his Watch, he can turn invisible for a short time. His Sapper is used to destroy enemy Sentries. A backstab with his knife results in instant death. However, attacking will drop his disguise. The Pyro is his greatest enemy.

Apart from the weapons listed above, TF2 also has Dozens of Unlockable Weapons for every class. These are either found randomly, or earned by doing achievements. The game also gets a major update every 3-4 months. In these updates, new maps, weapons, and/or game modes will be added to the game. Unlike Call of Duty, these updates are 100% free for anyone that already owns the game.

There are several Game modes in TF2, such as Capture the Flag, Control Point, Payload, Payload Race, Attack/Defend, Arena, King of the Hill, and Territorial Control.

Capture the Flag: Simple Game mode. The objective is to steal the enemy intelligence (The Flag) and Escort it back to your base.

Control Point: The objective is to capture all Control Points. Usually there are 5 Control Points in one map. Once all 5 are captured by one team, that team wins.

Payload: The attacking team must escort a cart to the enemy base, while the defending team must Stop them. If the cart reaches its destination, the Attacking team wins. However, if at the end of the time limit the defending team has successfully stopped the cart from reaching their base, they win.

Payload Race: Similar to Payload, except both teams have carts, and must reach the other side before the enemy team does. Which ever team reaches the destination first wins.

Attack/Defend: Like Control Point, except that the defending team already captured all Points and is defending them from being captured by the attacking team. The attacking team wins if they capture all points before time runs out, and the defending team wins by successfully defending until time runs out.

Arena: The objective is to simply annihilate the other team. The team that kills every man on the other team is victorious. Another way to win is by capturing the Control Point in the center of the map that activates after a few minutes.

King of the Hill: The objective is to capture the Control Point and hold it until time runs out. The winning team is the team that holds the point until their time limit reaches zero.

Territorial Control: This based on territory. each team must capture the other team's single active control point to secure that section of the map. Once all sections have been captured by one team, they are then able to attack the other team's base directly.

Team Fortress 2 started development in 1999. At first, the creators were going for a realistic Modern Age combat game. After seven years, a near final stage was revealed. VALVe said that they had created three separate games before finally deciding on the final product. The result was a cartoony retro-styled game that takes place in the 60's.

What makes TF2 unique is it's extensive back story. Every single character is unique and has his own story.
The Scout who grew up in Boston, learned to run fast because of his size, he was an easy bully target.
The Soldier tried joining the military during WWII, but was rejected. He taught himself how to use weapons, and went on a massive killing spree in Germany, which ended after learning that the war has been over for 4 years.
Not much is known about the Pyro other than that he/she is mentally unstable.
The Demoman, whose real name is Tavish DeGroot comes from a long family of Scottish Demomen and Women.
The Heavy is a Russian with a murderous love for his minigun, but is very calm away from battle.
The Engineer from Texas, whose real name is Dell Conagher, earned himself 11 PhDs before being recruited as a mercenary.
The Medic who is from Germany, who is not an ex-Nazi, does what he does out of curiosity, not for his patients.
The Sniper is your typical Australian that hunts in the great Outback. He also has parents that do not approve of his job as an assassin.
The Spy, a frenchman, is in a relationship with the Scouts Mother. He is extremely mysterious, and could be on anyones side.

Apart from unique characters, TF2 has a story behind the game, that is not shown in-game.

So there you have it, my introduction to TF2. If you play, add me on Steam: shawnchi

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