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Old 12-05-2010, 06:55 PM
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Default Attention new members: Posting and YOU!

This is a really old post, let is sink...

UPDATE: This does NOT apply to all you new members. This was for the email sent out to old registered lurkers during the beginning of Closed Beta 4. If you are new from the 505 announcement, you can still (and should if possible) follow the tips in this thread to post nice posts, but you don't have to do this to get in the beta. Don't take this as a "spam away" notice though, because spam will still not be tolerated.

It has come to my attention that after the recently sent out e-mail claiming to hand out beta keys to anyone that has 10 posts, there's been a lot of increased forum activity.

Following that, many new or inactive members rushed in to gain these 10 posts as quickly as possible. This has also resulted in my brain exploding in rage; therefore I have decided to give you folks some friendly "tips" on how to make your 10 posts count.

First of all: I don't care what the e-mail said. If you come to the forum to post, you must follow all the rules. You must also follow common sense. I also reckon you might not even receive your beta key if you have created 10 useless, irrelevant or completely unimportant posts - it's not the number that counts guys, it's what within it.

So here's a few things I want you to take into account:
  • Post well written, constructive and interesting posts. This means that they should be at least a few lines each, be relevant and they should contribute to the discussion.
  • Do NOT post 3 word posts such as "gameplay looks great" or "nice sreenshots guys". This does NOT contribute to ANYTHING. At the very least you can make a comment about specific details of the screenshots, or whatever is posted in the thread. We all know you love them as it is.
    In addition, posts like that are considered spam, and violate the forums' official Code of Conduct.
  • Do NOT bump old threads. Someone posted a thread that has had no posts in over a year. In addition, they made it look as if they were posting during the period of when the thread was active. Not only is this a nonconstructive post, it doesn't even make any sense.
  • Please, if you can't make a good post, at the very least try not to make it obvious that the only reason you're here is to get your post count up to 10 as quickly as possible. I promise you this won't guarantee you a beta, as it will only show how little interest you have in the game. It's disrespectful to veteran members, moderators, administrators and all the developers.

In addition to all of that, it seems to me that none of you actually read the beta requirements thread. Here's a direct quote from Alex Walz:

Originally Posted by Alex Walz View Post
2) You must have ten contributive posts in our forums. You can check your post count by going to your profile by clicking on your username in the forum index. If you're low on posts, try looking through past media and discussions and respond to whatever interests you.
Note the word "contributive".
Here's a definition for those of you who fail to understand its' meaning:
Originally Posted by The Free Dictionary
1. To give or supply in common with others; give to a common fund or for a common purpose.
2. To help bring about a result; act as a factor.
This means your post actually has to add something to the thread, something that people after you can also respond to and continue the discussion off of.

Now, assuming you've actually read this, I'm afraid I'll have to let you know that 80% of all your posts, at least the ones that I've seen (and I've gone through the forums alright) don't count and do not match the above criteria.
We do not care if this has worked for you on other forums before, but here, ignorance like this is not going to get past me.

Now folks, I'd like you all to go and post some real posts, avoiding old threads that are not relevant anymore and that nobody cares about. I want to see some real contributive material that's going to take me more 20 seconds to read.

If I do not see some proper forum activity within the next few days, I'll have to start taking action and handing out infractions to posts that can be flagged as spam (most of which can). And if you thought you could post 10 quick random posts, grab your key and get away with it, well you were wrong. So please start over, and do it right this time.

Thank you for your time and concern, and happy posting.

While there are many examples of veteran members and their posts, here's one fella who is no different from the rest of you; with only two posts I'd already recommend him for the beta. Please take a look here and see if you can try to strive for making posts more like that, and less like "That's just great. "
ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS: Please read "Posting and YOU!" and the forum's "Code of Conduct" before making any posts.
Please read the official FAQ thread before asking any questions! If you don't find your answer use the search function!
If you have questions about the beta, please check the official beta questions thread before posting anything!
Don't bump old threads, don't spam, be nice and enjoy your stay.

Last edited by Konstantin Fomenko : 11-12-2011 at 10:02 AM.

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