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Old 11-29-2010, 03:41 PM
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Default II: Call to Arms

Chapter II - The Call to Arms

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Young Prince Erian, devastated by the mysterious abduction of his father, hath laid blame for this criminal deed upon the Orcish Kingdom. In grief and anger, the Prince hath declared war, but one hope yet remains: if the Orcs agree to exchange the captured Orc King for King Hamilon, peace might still be salvaged.

Now, face to face with the mighty Orc army, Prince Erian is appalled to discover that over half the Lords of Dagbor have ignored his call to arms. Helgak of Moredale... Draylin of Belfarth... Daal of Felsing... and Rastagon, great Lord of mighty Menthorn... all are missing. He waits for them with mounting despair as he awaits news from the envoy he sent into the orc ranks to negotiate an exchange of kings.

Sir Morin, the half-dwarven soldier loyal to Hamilon despite his denial of his human heritage, approaches the young prince with a look unsettling to his normal, boisterous persona.

“Greetings my Prince,” Sir Morin sayeth, slightly trembling before Erian. “I’ve some news for these, och aye! The Orcs got yer message, demanding thy father’s return.”

“Well, what of it?” the Prince responds. “Has the messenger returned yet?”

“Aye, me Lord. He has returned... In small pieces!”

Nothing more was said as the young prince bowed his head, if only for a second, and turned to face his men. Standing tall before his army, in the heartland of the Orcish Kingdom, within eyesight of the great capital of Makkada, the passionate Prince Erian addresses what few troops he has:

“Men! Hearken unto me! Loyal soldiers of the realm! Officers, knights and lords! Proud army of Humankind, hear me now! I stand before thee on this day, and I thank thee from my heart. From my heart! Though others hath betrayed the crown, thou hath stood firm in the kingdom’s hour of need.

The Orcs will not return my father. They would deprive our nation of its King! And why? And why!? They would attack us while we mourn! They would slay our children! They would take our women! But I say to thee, we shall not bow down without a fight! We shall not let them pass! We shall not let them pass!”

The Prince pauses as his army erupts in roars of approval.

“On this day, our King shall be revenged! On this day, we shall wreak great suffering upon our foe! On this day, Orcs shall die by their thousands! Orcs shall die!”

The roar grows louder, echoing through the roads of Makkada.

“On this day, our King shall be revenged! In the name of King Hamilon, we shall triumph! For Hamilon!”

“Hamilooooooooon!” the army shouts in unison as they turn toward Makkada, the "mother womb" of the Orcish Realm.

And so it begins. Mortals raise high their swords as the Gods watch and laugh. The tides of the Great Lake have turned most cruelly. And so it begins...
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"The sky grows lighter my friends. The break of day should cheer the heart. But for us, sunrise brings only bloody war. Make thou ready. Defend my people well." - Prince Erian IV, Dawn of Fantasy

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