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Old 09-10-2010, 09:53 AM
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Again thnx for the replies,

You do have a great game coming and it is also good to read that you guys are coming out with more updated screens and information. Glad the publisher seems to be seeing the light in giving this title the needed press.

I was talking with some friends over the week and they raised some good concerns, which after reviewing the information provided so far has not been remarked here , so here are my questions.

1. NAT- Sense the system is based on on peer to peer, have you guys delt with the NAT issue? As you know many users are pretty much blind when it comes to technical issues such as router settings and the like. So have or will you be designing a system that auto NAT's the port settings and finds one that will work with others?

I bring up a good title but sadly failed because of bad NET code called Demigods, great game in the end but failed at launch for over half of the population couldn't get a connection to others or failed in game.

2. Counter Memory Hacks- It's multiplayer, it has a way to make bragging rights with the presistant world system. So in this, we always know that the hackers will come around and try to smack some power love to those willing to pay the price and of course lessen the fun for the majority. Have you guys considered or implmenting memory detection hacks?

Personally, I found simple memory random checks works, they can try to "hack around it" but random variables are pretty much safe unless they change the main core of the code threw reverse engineering. Eh thoughts, but I am again thinking about what has been ran into in past senarios.

Sense again I and my friends talked about these things, it is obvious these concerns are starting to become for front in most mp games. Hence the reason why I think Co-Op game play is starting to become more and more wanted then actual pvp game play.

Please don't take these questions as an attack on your coding and or system or knowlege that these things could or could not occure. It is in the end, just questions from a group of guys whom have real interest in long term game play with this title.

Thank you for your time,


ps. I do realize in some cases you can't directly respond to such things and if that is the case that is fine, can always just say, "it's on the board" and I will get it. Again, looks awsome guys and no matter what is said here we will be playing, but it's more to the persistant world (which we are highly interested in playing as a clan) that these questions comes from.

Edit:::: old post from prior to joining the team, Ahh seeing the game new then, it was a aww inspiring, blast now, but I remember when I posted this.

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