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Old 07-09-2010, 10:01 PM
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Default Fanfic Entry - "Two and a Half Men"

Two and a Half Men

The three dwarves stumbled out of the tavern to the street, drunk out of their minds. They had been visiting Felsing while looking for work to do. It was the middle of the night and the tavern owner required the town guard to remove the dwarves from the building. The dwarves were originally going to be cutting lumber for a local merchant, but it seemed that was not the case. The merchant was in the tavern with the dwarves, and he had seemed to have left much earlier. Carlos Olrac, the leader of the three dwarves, collapsed on the street. Skald Hammarfists and Doldrirr Ironheart rushed over to help him, though Skald tripped and fell on the way. He decided it was just best to stay where he was and sleep. Doldrirr, confused at it all, sat on the dirt pathway, having a realization of what they had all become, “Skald, Doldrirr, look at what we’ve become. We’re no better than the thieves and looters in this city. I don’t know if you’re with me, but I say that it is time that we make a change!” Doldrirr said, his speech slurred, but the message was clear. The other two, half-unconscious, said nothing. Doldrirr gave in to his drunkenness and slept on the path.

The morning came soon enough, each of the dwarves having a massive headache. It took them a few minutes to figure out where they were. Once all 3 of them were awake, Carlos spoke, “Doldrirr, you are right,” he started, his thick dwarven accent easily understood by the other two, “I think it is time we begin new lives, put all of this behind us. I ask you now, though, simply how? I’ve lived like this for as long as I remember, but—“ Carlos stopped mid-sentence. He seemed like he was thinking of something, and then asked, “Where is that merchant we met last night at the tavern?”

“Not a clue, though he may be at the market,” Skald replied. Carlos quickly started walking down the road towards the market, and the other two soon followed. Upon arrival, it seemed there were many people there. Finding the merchant that they barely knew would be hard. He was a human, much like the inhabitants of the city. The dwarves were hungry, but they ignored it for the time being. They went around to all of the lumber merchants, and finally found who they were looking for.

“Ah, you three! Haven’t given up on my work yet, have you? I knew you would come through! Now, what I need done isn’t exactly easy. We have to travel through the forest to my storage building. I’ve heard that bandits, among other things, are very active in the forests. Are you up for this or not?” the merchant was asking. The dwarves stood there for a few moments, until Skald nodded. The merchant seemed very glad, and told them where to go, “Meet me by the town’s gates in a few hours and we’ll go.” The dwarves walked around the market, looking for things to buy, though they didn’t end up buying anything. A few hours passed and they decided to go to the gates.

The merchant was waiting for them with a horse-driven cart full of lumber, “One of you, sit on the back of the cart. The other two stand next to the horse on either side,” the merchant instructed. Carlos volunteered himself to go on the cart, and Doldrirr and Skald took position next to the horse. A few hours pass of travelling through the forest, when a loud growling noise is heard. The tree cover above makes the forest seem dark, so the dwarves are unable to see what it is.

“Ya hear that?” Skald Hammarfists says as he draws his dwarven axes out, “I’ll take care of this.” He walks forward with a torch in-hand. The light illuminates a figure, and Skald is stricken with fear instantly, “It be a young dragon!” Doldrirr and Skald move to the side as Carlos Olrac speeds the horse up which is pulling the cart. As the cart passes by the dragon, Carlos draws his axes and leaps at it. Doldrirr and Skald charge in, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Carlos hits the dragon in the neck, and pulls his axe out. The dragon seems stunned. Skald charges at the dragon and scores a hit on the young dragon’s torso. The dragon is bleeding heavily, but still alive and fighting. Doldrirr goes to attack, but the dragon quickly swipes his arm and his battleaxe goes flying into a nearby tree, becoming lodged. The young dragon quickly lunges towards Skald, who is within a few feet of it. The dragon bites Skald in the arm, causing major bleeding, though it did not hurt Skald much. Skald becomes enraged and hits the dragon in the leg, crippling it. He then takes a second attack and strikes the skull of the dragon, fatally wounding and killing it.

Carlos Olrac runs over to the merchant angrily, “You never told us about DRAGONS. We expected bandits and most, but DRAGONS?”

“Dragons are not native to this area, someone must have brought them in,” the merchant began, “I’ve heard rumors of a corrupt group of merchants seeking to have all the power. Perhaps it was them? We shall finish delivering this wood to my storage and then report this to the authorities,” He told the dwarves. Skald was still heavily bleeding, so they decided it was best if he took the position on the cart. He worked on bandaging his wound while they travelled, and soon arrived at the storage building.

The dwarves quickly unloaded the lumber and put it in the building, and they quickly set to go back to Felsing. The journey back was uneventful, and they quickly went to the guards’ barracks, the merchant with them. They knocked on the door and the chief of the guards answered, recognizing the dwarves from the night before, as he had to remove them from the tavern, “What is it?”
Doldrirr started to speak, “We were helping this fine merchant here, sir, when a young dragon attacked us on the pathway in the forest out of the city.”

“A dragon?” the guard asked, “You have to be kidding me. How can I believe you? You’re a group of drunken dwarves.” With that, Skald stepped forward and showed the guard his wound. The guard’s jaw dropped and he quickly went into the building for a few moments. Soon enough, a soldier came running out towards the town square, “I’ve told him to notify everyone in the town and report any sightings,” the guard said, his weak nerves showing in his voice.

“Well, if you need any help, we are here,” Carlos said to the man.

“What, are you mercenaries? I could use you to help investigate all of this and help my men if anything shows up,” the guard stated, “I can pay you a fair wage and it would be much appreciated.”

“That seems fair. What needs done?” Skald said, speaking for the others, “We can do nearly anything.”

“First of all, you and your merchant friend need to find out where these things are coming from. I’ve heard rumors around the city, as you probably have heard yourself,” the guard ordered the dwarves. And so, they went to the market in search of any information they could get their hands on. They spent a good part of the day there before finding anything. Skald was pretending to be a beggar, and overheard a conversation between two merchants. He heard the word ‘dragon’ passed around a few times. He began to pursue and saw them enter a rather large building. Unable to enter, he went to find Carlos and Doldrirr.

Skald found the other two dwarves and told them what he’d heard. Carlos stood there for a moment, then spoke, “Let’s go, I doubt we’ll need help to take down a couple of merchants,” They walked to the building Skald had seen the merchants enter. Doldrirr attempted to open the door, and it was unlocked.

“Not too smart of them to leave this unlocked if they’ve got anything to hide. So what’s our plan?” Skald whispered as they three dwarves entered the building.

“Just stay together and search the place,” Carlos instructed. He led the way while the other two followed.

Other parts are in other posts.

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