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Old 06-03-2010, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by u_have_krabs View Post
Actually Darth malak and Darth revan where pretty powerful and I would compare them to the jedi at the time of the movies. But because the jedi during the old republic don't really have that much history its really hard to say how powerful they are. You'll probably disprove me as I'm not a star wars nerd, I'm a computer and video game nerd. I just like it.
That's two Sith that might have been comparable - out of hundreds if not more. The "Average" Sith was a hell of a lot weaker back in those days is what I'm saying. The player would be one of these nameless Sith, whereas the guy playing a trooper would be among the elite of troopers. In the grand scheme of things old republic is the only period where jedi/sith can be somewhat balanced. However I personally preferred SWG's pre-CU system where only a handful of people ever attained Jedi, and yes, yes they were overpowered in most versions. But with so few of them running around, it wasn't an issue and it always something to work towards. The thing is that it felt right.

Originally Posted by Swift sword View Post
Ah, forgive my ignorance. I've only ever seen the movies, and enjoyed 1-2-3 better than the "first" movies that were made. Yes, I know I'm strange. But ah well.
In any case, you're saying that, say, the troopers should be related to figures like Commander Cody, I suppose? That makes sense, looking at it that way, as he seemed pretty beastly from what I saw.

Also, the original movies did indeed have very few Jedi, which was anti-climatic compared to KOTOR (which I just played for the first time today). I also don't really know what the average Jedi was, power wise, as it really only showed them getting back-shot in the prequels, and even they were more elite Jedi. I guess I really should do a little research. The only thing is, I eventually see us players capable of becoming much more powerful over the course of the game, and there's only so far a trooper can go without the force or something like that. It is worth noting that the equipment/abilities the trooper gets access to could completely derail that statement.

I apologize if I've again said something stupid. I really should read the books sometimes, I suppose. Anyways, correct any mistakes I've made if you wish.

In regards to your first statement, I can see where you're coming from. I haven't seen anything myself that says it's changing as much as guild wars 2 is (I'm basing that off of Guild Wars 2's dynamic events. We have yet to see if they'll live up to the hype) but I'm hopeful. I'll likely try it a few weeks after it comes out, just to see the reaction. There will likely be a lot of people playing it for those first couple of weeks, though .
I'm actually not that big of a starwars buff, I just happen to know tons of random stuff.

For example - there are certain materials that can stop a lightsaber. Imagine a Mandalorian (Boba Fett's people) wearing armor that can shrug off lightsabers. While ability wise a trooper might not be able to compete with a Jedi, the Jedi will also likely be unable to use special abilities (IE: I could picture an artillery strike, or heavy weaponry, perhaps even vehicles who knows), or use the best armor.

Edit: And yes Cody is a fairly good example of a clone trooper that stands far and away superior to most.
Remember to read the FAQ before asking questions!

And if you don't find the answer - ask them in that same thread, we'll answer what we can.

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