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Old 10-03-2009, 01:48 AM
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Why i should be in the beta?

Ok I shall try to keep this in the correct amount of words. I believe I should be in the beta because I have been watching this project for a while. (Although waited before the new site was online before really taking an active part in forum discussion (wills370 on the forum. You may recognise my name).I have contributes daily on a number of items and always put forward what I believe to be constructive, realistic or important questions which I believe would aid in the development of the game. I have always been positive in my approach to other people in the forums (no warnings from moderators so kudos’s).I am also positive in my overall view of the game and committed to it. I believe this game can truly offer me something that I have been looking for in a game since I was a lot younger. (Total war being the closest) And deserve to be apart of (I downloaded opera purely for the ability to get on this forum and reply to this competition).

If i did get into the beta?

If I did get into the beta however I would be happy to test features as well as put forward my views to the developers to make this game the best it could possibly be. I would also take an active role in discussion as I currently do in the DOF forum, as well as leading others. As I believe you can only expect as good as the example you lead. I would love to test and analyse the combat, building and quest system of the game. Developing the story or the balance of troops in combat. To which I believe my strengths lie most in. So all in all I truly am both hoping and would love to be included in the beta.

(Woo 300 words exactly after some editing: P excluding this at the bottom and headings for the one person who will say something )


First you may ask, why should I be in this beta?
My answer to you would simply be, I love this game and have been sitting anxiously at the edge of my seat ever since I heard of it in the first place.

- I heard of this game before I ever knew about the Dof Source site, which was about 2 months prior to joining
- I joined this site and have been a very active member for over 4 months, before I knew about any beta keys

I love this game, and when I first heard about it I was willing to wait 2 whole years before I could touch it, or however long it took. However, since I first heard I could earn a beta key to this wonderful strategy game (most strategy games require no real strategy and aren't realistic) I have been working hard in every contest since the first, and, still not having won anything, I have not giv continue to submit for a chance to be in the test for this perfect game. Even if I don't win, I will be an active supporter of Dawn of Fantasy and have already spread the word to many during the last contest.

Now to what benefits I will actually bring if selected to be in the closed beta:

-Any bugs or glitches I discover I will report immediately to the GM or whoever receives reports for such things.
-I will try to engineer outrageous battles and situations in order to test for unseen errors (can't say I will do this all the time, because it would surely take a long time to amass such a large amount of troops)
-I will spread the word further to my friends and people I meet, as well as over the internet (through other online games, in chat, etc.).
-Last, and certainly not least, I will have a great amount of fun while testing with my fellow "colleagues" in testing this game, making sure they have the same.

I hope you will consider me, Cybroxis, for the closed beta!


Why I should be in the beta?

well I haven't been apart of the forums for too long so I can't say I have been a major contributor, but I do what I can. I am college game design student that knows how important testing is to a game. I'm know how games are made and being a game design student I believe that I can offer something with the knowledge I gain from my schooling that some others can't. I know I will be a helping hand like the others who know that being in the beta is about helping the developers and not just to play the game early.

What would I do if I get into the beta?

If I don't get into it I still will be on the DOF forums do what I am doing now. I would do what I suppose to do which is report bugs, glitches, and try to do things with the game that the developer might not have noticed or thought of to find errors and report errors.

this is an interesting game and I hope it becomes a great hit so the company can make more quality games. I am not much of a forum person, but I do join forums to games that I think are great games or going to be great games. I am a helpful person and willing to answer question and help with problems.

well this has been an interesting write. whether I get into the beta or not I wish the developers good fortune on the success of the game.
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