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Old 03-24-2009, 08:34 AM
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Default Unseen University - DoF Guild

Nunc id Vides, Nunc ne Vides ("Now you see it, Now you don't.")

Greetings fellow DoF fans, we are (well technically at the moment only I am) the clan/guild Unseen University, a clan purely for enjoyment, fun, but also for serious competitive gaming (which is tons of fun really). We (again, I) pride ourselves as being one of the few truly innovative clans out there. Established for the game Dawn of Fantasy, our aim is to be the top clan, both in influence and skill. We believe that clans should be formed around a strong community, where we respect one and another, know one and another, even engage in a little role playing. On the other hand we have no respect for our enemies. We will anhilate them, take advantage of their women no matter what race they are, enslave their children, burn and loot their village, create weapons of their bones. If you don't want the above to happen to YOU, join us today, and dominate the battlefield with us!

Clan Structure:

The clan will have a rather different structure than most clans, and it might seem complicated, which is not the case. The clan is divided into two layers: The Guilds and the Unseen University.

The Guilds:
Once you join our fair clan you may choose from the existing guilds to join, or create your own (you will have to post a guild application though, the guidelines will be posted on the clan forum). You start of as an apprentice (or the 1st guild master if you are the founder), and work your way up to the top. Each guild will be specialized in something, which will often require its memberes to do extra works besides fighting the game.

The Unseen University:
The UU is the governing body of the clan. You may apply for a seat anytime, but you might not always get accepted. The UU members will manage the clan, Each members has 1 voting point, except the Archchancellor who has 2. The seats are:
Bursar: supervises clans finances
Lecturer of Recent Runes: supervises member training
Senior of Wangler: supervises the forum (i.e. forum moderation)
The Librarian: supervises clan records/statistics
Professor of Applied Anthropics: supervises online behaviour
Reader in Invisible Writings: supervises diplomacy
Archchancellor: supervises the UU

If you do not earn a seat in the UU, and you are tired of having no power at all, you may try to become a Hero. For that you have to be a guild master at least 4 times, in 4 different guilds, then you must pass a test assigned to you directly by the Patrician. If you pass the test, you become a Hero, and you may enter the UU as an advisor and have 2 voting points. Heroes will also be rewarded with various other gifts. (for now its secret)

The Patrician:
The patrician is the leader of the clan. He has 3 voting points. In reality he is a tyrant, he has control over the guilds and the UU. In small issues that don't require the entire UU to vote he alone will decide what to do. No one is to question him, well only if you don't mind getting cyber bullied. :P

Clan Oath:
comming soon

Clan Anthem:
comming soon

Yes, so basically this is my clan idea. I will be finishing the forum by tomorrow, so if anyone is interested plz plz plz let me know, and post ur feedback, thanks!

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