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Old 08-13-2007, 04:34 PM
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Default Xen of Onslaught - Suggests

Greetings once again, just in case some of the questions I posed come at a loss for the development team -- I've decided to post a few ideas that me, and the Xen community would like to request about this particular game.

-- Customizable Races --
Bringing Unique Appearances to the MMORTS field.

Over the course of the years I've played many RTS games, and frankly there playing the same thing over and over does get a little old. Also, it's a little odd to fight the same race as yours, given that for example: Dwarf Race A and Dwarf Race B, Together hate Human Race C, why must they kill each other too?

Well I'm sure this problem, and others, may appear as the game progresses into the MMORTS field of play. So, in order to further the games possible potential in strategy and enjoyability -- allowing the players much more freedom over races they desire to command. And allowing them do this without radically changing any of the foundation of elements of the game itself. In other words, purely cosmetic, and not fundamentally game breaking.
  • Players could have the ability to "Create a Faction", one that is unique to them, and no one else -- or at least they feel it is anyway. They get to name this faction, upload customized flags and banners, dressings for uniques, and even a written history.
  • Players can then go into a Faction Builder screen, allowing them select through a library of models to decorate their race. In order not to potentially confuse other players, powerful units can not be hidden beneath a weaker unit's model. There must be "Model Sets" such as Large Unit A -- can only pick from the Large Model gallery. There can even be several existing models for the same race, like various Dragon models to give your Dragon Faction a little more personalized look.
  • Players can then colorize the units a little, using sliding color pallets and RGB windows.
  • Players can choose from various structure sets, but still must be within the limits of their faction. For example, if a player uses a Dragon Faction as the base of their race's fundamental identity, but change the look or name to a Troll Faction. They can only use Dragon Faction structures, but have the option of changing the art a little. They can not select Human looking structure for example. This would be far too confusing!
  • This way when you encounter new players in a MMORTS field, you can meet new and unique Factions that are more driven to fit that player who commands them.

-- Change the Game's Name --
Just a suggestion?

Not exactly one of my own, but this a few things the community has pointed out. The title Dawn of Fantasy doesn't really seem to really express the nature of this game very well, nor does it sound like a solid franchise title. Also, it can be summed up as DOF -- which doesn't roll off the tounge very well.

Perhaps something with a bit more kick? Understanding that many of the good titles are expired, perhaps something a little more reflecting of the large scale of the game?

Something like: D.A.W.N. (Dragons and Waring Nations) Epic Battles of Fantasy and Magic
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