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Old 12-05-2011, 05:20 PM
ClockworkMishap ClockworkMishap is offline
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Default Can someone help me? (Orcs!)

Hey there I've recently started playing and I would LOVE any helpful hints for new players such as how to build walls, units I should focus on, buildings. Also, I am running into a problem where I keep getting overfilled on resources and I know the humans have the unit that can act as storage for them, do the Orcs have a similar unit? Anyways, any basic tips/suggestions would be highly appreciated!
Old 12-05-2011, 06:02 PM
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Okay. Orcs.

First of all, all races start building walls from their central building (for orcs, the grand hut). Orcs have two types of walls to build, a light palisade and a heavier wooden wall. The walls will build automatically; but orcs are the only race who can send their workers (laborers) to work on the walls to make them build faster.

As for getting overfilled on resources, all races have technologies that can increase the storage space of your town. Orcs can research these from a hut (a regular hut, not the grand hut); and the human unit you're talking about dosen't add storage space, I'm pretty sure it just serves a a drop off point (like huts do for orcs).

Orcs are kind of weird in the way they train units: workers (laborers and maraurders) spawn over time from the Grand Hut (you can switch what is spwaning by clicking on the button). Then, you can send the workers to certain buildings (warhall and pyre) to transform them into basic infantry. Then you can send the infantry to a temple to turn them into heavy infantry, or to a warg pen to turn them into cavarly.

Other units are goblins (who spawn from the goblin tent, and you can switch what is spawning), wargs (who spawn from the warg pen as baby wargs and grow over time, and can be eaten as well), and ogres (who can be trained, not spawned, from the ogre pit).

Siege equipment can be created by sending workers to the armory, where they turn into whatever unit is selected (some need research first).

And as for what units you should have...well, this is just my opinion, but I love the warg riding cavarly; they're fast, strong, and come with a heal ability. Ogres are good too, especcially when you level them up really high. Orc archers arn't the best, but maraurders can double as corpse looters.

Well, that's all I got. Hope you enjoy the game!
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Old 12-05-2011, 06:25 PM
ClockworkMishap ClockworkMishap is offline
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Thanks alot man that really helped! I always have a few mauraders set to hunt at my home base, if I make warg pups will they hunt them?
Old 12-05-2011, 06:29 PM
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Only if you set them to be hunted, 3 options for that.
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Old 12-06-2011, 05:55 AM
Zackreaver Zackreaver is offline
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Inside your town units do not add any storage to resources. But if your looking to hoard resources out of the overfilling city, Laborers are the most cost effective resource holders. Each one hold around 200-300 resources I believe, this makes them very effective at trading resources with cities because they cost basically nothing.

Ogres can also carry alot of resources but laborers are the most cost effective, in the event your overstocked with resources, send some laborers out into an army, and trade your overstocked resources with them. You can then choose to either let them sit there or travel to one of the larger cities and trade for either gold or other resources.
Old 12-06-2011, 02:02 PM
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Also is your population at 90? if not building more huts all around resources and places will increase resource cap.

Huts are drop off points for workers, so build huts around every mine and major forests (even if its already cut down because trees do regrow!).

Also learn to double build with labourers, having 2 labourer battalions on a building building it cuts the time in half, watch the estimated time left timer plummet! (I did all math and coded that timer fyi)
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