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Old 11-03-2011, 06:10 PM
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Default Just something i wrote possibly in the wrong place lol

There have been some great posts in this thread, im looking forward to what people will say next lol... but i'll just add this in there as I do agree with Mort. to a point about the "making more stuff to do" for the player, and I remember when i first heard about this game, the fact that we would be fighting dragons in the game, and as far as im aware, i think its probably one of the only games that i can recall ever doing that!! never lone actually controlling dragons as well....

but i had this vision where we would be hunting down dragon layers!!! and there could be several ways to implement this, one way would be to have some sort of "Community Live" event where all players can take part in hunting down or taking out Dragon Layers and push it to be part of the main storyline somehow, to immerse players more in the world that they effect !!! Have it so that several locations on the map appear to everyone, so you can rush in with our armies and take part in that instant, this would add a lot to do with players involved in other things together not just PvP actions...

Another way you could implement this would be to have Alliance Only quests, and this could be part of it, so even though your not PVP'ing but you are all still taking part together in something big and feeling of a well deserved round of beers at the local alliance Inn...

There is litterly SO MUCH STUFF you can add to this world, its actually quite insane what you could make possible to do, its not often you get to be part of something that could revolutionize an entre genre and i strongly think this game be it, of course this DOES have to be done right, and takes time, MMOs always take their time anyway, because there is always so much to do.

Hometown depth can ALWAYS be improved, for a start making the hometown maps bigger in physical size, to add more things to do locally rather then go hunting around the entire world map to do stuff, adding new buildings that do various things like a Tavern to make morale go up with soldiers, which could affect how they fight? probably not but hey its something else to think about? could have it so morale plays a part in how often they hit or miss with weapon accuracey or something.

When it comes to MMOs, End-Game content isn't really a real option, because its a persistent world where nothing stops, you are forever thriving to make yourself bigger, better, stronger, making your friends bigger, and stronger, building up your community of friends, you could even go as far as adding Racial Warfare Quests or events, where we're pitched against each others races.

the overall game is heading in such the right direction it gets me excited just what might be possible in the future, but little steps, little steps, if you start adding nothing but content, you can loose sight of whats important, and the fact that the devs do actually!! play the game, REALLY helps the games development.
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