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Old 10-03-2011, 04:21 PM
evansgreen evansgreen is offline
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Default Cursor Bug. Game is unplayable. Menu Bug too.

Good night developers. I bought this game full of hype and good will, completely decided to accept a pre-release state of game and to cope with some of the technical problems I read everywhere the game had, in order to give this game, which I thought it was a brilliant concept, a good chance to develop itself and some of my well-earned money.

I expected some bugs and glitches. I did.

Regarding the game, I can't tell how good or bad it is because I haven't been able to play it since I downloaded it. I'm not going to name every single trouble I had one by one, but the most important game-breaking ones:

1. If I move my mouse cursor, while it is moving, the screen freezes. No matter what. I have a good PC, GTX 480, AMD 4 processors 2.5, 4gb ram, windows 7, everything else runs smooth. Graphics being high or low does 0 impact on performance they're always 60 fps if I don't move the mouse. But if I do, while I do, 0 fps and if I "abuse" moving the mouse game crashes.

This makes the game virtually unplayable and extremely annoying. Please help me with this issue, cause I would like, now that I already paid the money, to at least be able to try the game and play a few hours, and who knows, maybe more (though in such state of development I'm afraid it's not going to be possible).

2. If I press "escape" to open the menu a few times, I don't know if related to mouse cursor moving bug, the menu dissapears and it doesn't let me open the menu again. Any other window no problem. The menu just "cease to exist". Alt f4 has been my only option until now. Sad.

Finally, I just want to say again that I want to like the game. I really do. I have to congratulate the team for a brilliant concept, some refreshing air into what seems to be an uprising genre, but whoever is responsible for the release of such an alpha version of it, should be having trouble to sleep (that being if he sleeps at all and he's not patching like there is no tomorrow :P)
Old 10-03-2011, 06:26 PM
evansgreen evansgreen is offline
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Apparently I'm not the only one having the "cursor" or "mousemovement" bug.

I found another post about it on the technical support forums, but it is unanswered.
Old 10-03-2011, 06:34 PM
chanman20 chanman20 is offline
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dont worry kon will be on in a bit and help you trust me hes been busy but he will answer it
Old 10-03-2011, 08:15 PM
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Ok - lets get this fixed. This is a second instance of this bug reported, so this is a rare issue.

0) you probably did this already - but make sure you have the latest Direct X and Video Card drivers.

1) What resolution are you running Windows on? If it`s really high, try to change it to 1980 x
If this doesn`t help

2) After you start the game and get this issue. Exit Game, go to the installation folder, locate Log1.txt file, and include it with your Reply (you forums Attachment Manager)

3) Also it would really help if you could post your Direct X info, you can google: "how to get dxdiag" if you are not sure how.
Old 10-03-2011, 08:50 PM
Sephriem Sephriem is offline
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I had a problem with the mouse freezing when I moved it, it was a problem with hardware acceleration. Not sure if there is an option to disable it in the options, if there is then that should fix it. If there isn't you can google a guide on how to manually do it for your windows.
Old 10-04-2011, 07:42 AM
evansgreen evansgreen is offline
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Ok, I'm going step by step doing what you told me, so:

0) Yes, I already redownloaded the game and reinstalled it, installed the latest mouse, graphics card drivers, and installed the latest version of Direct X. Result: No changes.

1) I usually play on 1650x1080, and that's the resolution I have windows on, I tried to play on different resolutions and change the resolution in windows. Result: No changes.

2) I uploaded the Log1.txt with this reply.

3) I did the DxDiag, I'm attaching it to this reply.

It may be of interest the fact that I don't actually have to start "playing" to get the bug, cause in the main menu screen, with the animation of the orcs storming the walls, there I can experiment the bug. When I move my cursor, everything, menus, graphics in the background, everything freezes until I stop moving it. I can see there is a pattern depending on the speed and the direction of the movement, but I can't identify clearly which pattern.

Thanks for your quick answer, let's hope the fix is as quick as that ;-)
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