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Old 08-06-2007, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
I think there needs to be a fair balance between the two views. A world where your character or kingdom can be killed or destroyed permeanently while you're away simply wouldn't be fun. On the other hand, I do feel that the player and his assets shouldn't be in a complete stasis for the duration. There needs to be a consistant interaction with the world, things always changing and developing.

I feel that MMO's really need to deal with this issue to move forward and produce a dynamic world that still flows while you're away, without being unfair.
A problem with creating a game that penilizes you for not being online is the fact that you have to encourage people to log off. If you've ever played WoW or GuildWars, they actually tell you to log off and take a break after about 2 hours.

MMO play can be quite addicting, and so you have to give people advantages for logging off, if it be higher healing rates, or extra experience depending on how long they've been logged off. Not sure if this is a moral concern by developers, or an actual requirement, but it's something we are looking into.