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Old 10-21-2008, 11:17 AM
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nickson104 is someone to look uptonickson104 is someone to look upto

Okay, to start with no I will not stoop to his level and insult my own intelligence by making him look bad.

Yes balance between micro and macro and between economy and military must be reached, it would make the game; THE game.
I like to assign citizens myself dont get me wrong, but when you spend the whole of 10 minutes assigning citizens jobs thats when it gets a bit out of hand, the auto assign would be good in some ways but manual is a necessary too.

Rebellions.... im sure we talked about that before im all for it but i think it would be rather hard to implement a logical and fair system, as already pointed out some games have tried it but made it go from one complaint to another so you are constantly juggling complaints and always on the brink of rebellion.

And just look at history... a lot of the time the peasants didnt care they were up against trained soldiers (safety in numbers works a lot) British Civil War, Welsh Turnpike Rebellions (cant remember the proper term) and loads of other rebellions have been instigated in the past, most were unsuccessful but some were...
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