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Old 10-20-2008, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by kronlc View Post
That always opens up the question' What does one
do to stop a uprising or punish civilians and panic mongered
serfs....uprising ?

Well in real time when such things happened'
the head trouble makers were either usually sniffed out
and hoisted up over the gates for decorations ...,
Or spent a few years thinking about there actions
in the castle dungeons ... Or hanged ...or quartered into pieces
and hung around the township willy nilly for public observation...
burnt starved beaten and fondled.

I dont think uprisings were to succesfull back when was when.
Serfs would have been hesitant to rise up arms against trained soldiers.

THe point is ok......If there is going to be uprisings in game '
I want the option of gallows, crows nests' and all the other
nasty things you can do to change wicked ones ways.
i wish cause in glory it would be 1 ****ed citizen who burns down all the important stuff causing trouble for the whole city