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Old 10-19-2008, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by MrBlack103 View Post
Ok, I was wondering how the civilians/villagers would work in DoF. Would they be manually controlled similarly to AoK, or would they automatically perform tasks that certain buildings designate like in The Settlers III? I prefer the latter because it eliminates pointless clicking which you could be using to manage more important tasks (ie. killing those dumb orcs, preferably with heavy cavalry or boiling oil ).
I hope villagers and civilians will work and do their tasks by themselves but they would also be able to be manually controlled.

if they're all manually controlled and you have a huge city with many civilians, some of them will be standing still doing nothing while you give orders to the rest of them. so it would be more realistic and the city would look more alive if all civilians did their tasks by themselves.
but still the player should be able to control them if he wants, If they can't be manually controlled the player will have a feeling of handicap.

huh, hard to explain