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Old 10-18-2008, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by kronlc View Post
Noob, I like to choose where my workers work'' it
makes the game so much more fun.I dont want to
see any of this unit grouping BS like in settlers 3 when your men came
in sets of 5 or was it 6? I wont even talk on it,They had
a good thing going with the way the town works with
teh little mills and bakerys tho. But overall I dont like auto assign '
I like control of everything with my colours on it.
Ummm just because people have a different playing style doesnt make them noob, if anything your the noob for not being able to accept the different playing style, and you know what he will b concentrating more on the battle so i think he would own you in a battle...

I think auto assign would be a lot of good but not too much, i remember the AoE games where you had to manually assign each civillian and they would end up standing still until you remember about them. I reckon that they should either have professions or look for the closest job that needs doing.
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