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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post

I'll leak some already known info about the elves...

Elven units are the most powerful units in the game, archers are good, but so are their melee units, without any upgrades 1 Elven two handed swordsman (not going to give their name) can take on 4+ human soldiers and 5-6+ orcs.

To counter this, Elven units are a lot more expensive and elves generally are not as populated as the other races, therefore it is very common that the elves outnumbered, but not out skilled or out powered
They are a force to respect and honor, every elf can change the outcome; unlike the near endless hordes of Orcs...
Sweet. A fantasy 300 3k orcs versus 300 elves booya!!!! That would look so sweet.

Even if the elves did lose I'd love to see how small in numbers the orcs are afterwards =D

What a battle. *goes into deep imagination*..............