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Old 10-11-2008, 12:14 PM
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Esculas the Mighty is someone to look uptoEsculas the Mighty is someone to look upto

Originally Posted by kronlc View Post
Definitely' yous have the opportunity to create something really special
and epic, so cut no corners and make sure if you are going to do something
do it properly and it will all pay off in the end,. From my professional point of view in RTS and RPG games I would have to say the concept of this game
is the best I've ever seen and "ever hoped for" Starcraft 2 wont even compare to this game when its released thats to say if you guys live up to
the promises'' and expectations of the rest of the nerds on here then you will have really made a game thats worth alot of our time and when I say worth our time I mean really worth sitting on our computers and playing the product instead of being out and doing something constructive.
nerdom is the future xD

but im pretty sure they will achieve this in dof or maybe dof2