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Old 08-04-2007, 01:06 AM
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Default Few questions for the devs

Hi all,

I like the game and have a few questions.

1) Does the game have a skirmish mode to play against the AI offline?

2) Could you describe the combat mechanics? I know you guys are moving away from the conventional model (simply bash your opponent till he loses his hitpoints), but how do the blocking and other special moves work? And will the combat moves be random or research based?

3) Will the economic model be like Warcraft where you create a few peons and send them to work, or like Settlers where you place the buildings and the workers are provided automatically? Personally I think the Settlers model would work best because you can have a deeper economy without much mircroing, and still be able to focus on the miltary issues.

4) About how many total troops will a player be able to create, and how easy would it be to manage them?

On a side note, I like the looks of this game except the orcs look a bit bland. In this picture look how the face of the orc in the middle is featureless. I kind of want them to look like or


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