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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post

I played the demo of it, it was fun, it was very promising in a lot of areas, then very week in others, its sandbox nature makes the strongholds look very unrealistic depending on who built it, its walls die/build way to fast, and your wrong; from what i saw, anything can kill anything, that first level, the enemy took me out several times with just spear men and swordsmen by destroying my buildings, walls and everything else.
Except the stone buildings... the demo although it is good it only allows the low level buildings, all of which are wooden wooden palisades can be hacked through with enough force but stone cannot...
Building was very fast i agree but it was a compromise i was willing to make

And yes some people would make them unrealistic, some people would take advantage of the landscape or the cunning would make the easiest place to attack their main gate to lure their enemies there (which was in fact a killzone with many balistae,catapults and traps to hinder their foes)
However some people like me made the castles as defendable as possible, not spam walls but make them look realistic and like a proper castle but a well fuctioninc one.
My personal favourite was a concentric box castle, 2 layers of wall with every here and there a wall jutting out a few yards to allow a tower to be placed at a better vantage point compared to the wall

And in my spare time i enjoyed making motte and baileys and testing my skill at the creating of castles some of the scenario mission castles on the game were amazing and many quite accurate...
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