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Originally Posted by nickson104 View Post
Exactly what annoys me, the only game that really pleases me lately, and I have begun to play it a lot more as of late, is Stronghold2. Yes it is wrought with bugs and glitches but at least its game makes sense and a lot of your strategy and battles and your survival depends on exactly how you build your fortress and manage your lands

Stronghold is good in the way you cant destroy buildings with anything but siege pretty much and the free build is amazing The units are not so spectacular, no tactics for most no added damage from spearmen to horsemen or such and it generally comes down to sheer numbers... but it is a thoroughly enjoyable game

I played the demo of it, it was fun, it was very promising in a lot of areas, then very week in others, its sandbox nature makes the strongholds look very unrealistic depending on who built it, its walls die/build way to fast, and your wrong; from what i saw, anything can kill anything, that first level, the enemy took me out several times with just spear men and swordsmen by destroying my buildings, walls and everything else.
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