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Old 10-08-2008, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by aVeron View Post
I have a similar question about maps and terrain.

I havent fully understood the whole concept of the mmo world map. If you're able to fight battles far outside your own borders. How will the environment in the tons of different areas be like? Lets say you send out an army to explore, and you met up with another army, and you have to fight them, will a battlemap be loaded by then? Will the battlefields terrain and environment be same as it should be on the world map? Will it be random how the map looks like in that area, for example, if you fight first time in that area its a large forest area with a lake in a valley in middle, second time in the exact same place, will it look the same as it did the first time, or will it be randomised how it looks like?

Sorry if its hard to understand the question, i dont know how else to put it.

None of our maps are randomly generated, all done by hand in our editor.

Originally Posted by The Witch King of Angmar View Post
I was wondering what type of places battles will be going on at, whether in a frozen wasteland or a forest. Also, will you be able to use natural things to your advantage? For example, if archers are on a cliff, will they get any bonuses such as sight or accuracy? Finally, will there be islands or caves that could form some sort of natural fortress?

I am not sure if our snow environments will make it into the game, we might save it for a expansion pack, most of our playable world area is not around snow, leaving out northern Dwarven realm; still, we have many more quests to make.

About the archers, Yes sight and range increases with higher height, but it wont be like in bfme2/1 where they shoot across the entire map if they are really really high.
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