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Old 10-03-2008, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Mrdash View Post
That will create too much pushing. If you have played Ogame the noob protections sucks. Once you get to a certain lvl theres no lvl restriction on who attacks you. So lets say lvl 5 your not protectd any more. So a lvl 100 decides to start pounding you. Now your screwed unless he finds someone else. Im ok with tribute ( altho I would rather have the battle) but plz dont start a cold war sorta thing. I so dont like them.
???? i dont think u knwo what we mean by a cold war it happens narturally between nations of emense but equal powers

also your city doesn't have a lvl its all skill so u shouldnt be worried

most super powers wil be troubled by other supers not having time ot pounce on noobs
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