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Old 09-28-2008, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Feweh View Post
I don't need you telling me to lock my topics.
I've been more than quiet but we've honestly been waiting awhile, there's no information not even much from staff or anything at all.
Hopefully you've been doing something else with your life in the mean time apart from waiting for new info on this game.

Just relax ppl, aren't you tired of the same old story repeating itself over and over and over and ****ing over again? I know I am.

Whenever there's a mod or a game being developed by a small team there are people who whine that things aren't progressing fast enough as if the dev. team was doing it on purpose because they want to hurt their sales/image. There are always problems and set backs of all kinds (too many to number probably) during the development process and that's especially true for small dev. companies like Reverie (just look at that Sun Age game that was in development for 11 years!).

What ****es me off is that this kind of discussion is cloned on practically every game/mod forum but no one ever learns or realizes anything from it, instead the same pointless debate is perpetuated ad infinitum. Remember that devs. want to finish their game asap and make money, they also want to market the game and give out new info. If they're not doing any of those things it's because they are unable to do so at the moment for whatever reason.

So give it a rest already, srsly...
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