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Old 09-26-2008, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by fyro11 View Post
Wouldn't the 'victor' know of a small band of rebels/terrorists/freedom fighters? He would just hunt them down. For which reason I don't think it would work. Also, most players would just abandon their particular team at that point and start afresh; another reason why it wouldn't work.

Sorry but I can't see it actualising. I think the team would be a lot more strict. Plus, it has to remain an RTS, at most, with RPG elements.
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I am all for the idea, you becoming like their vassal or such, yeah the occupier could just raze the town or just parts of it to flush out the defendants or perhaps they will go search and destroy or maybe even espionage? Your idea opens up a wide variety of playstyles, im all for it...

And yeah... Fyro... i wouldnt abandon my forces to restart again, i would fight it out, and perhaps they wont give you that option?
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