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Old 09-22-2008, 07:40 PM
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Stamina sounds like a great idea; personally from my experiences it makes for an interesting game, even if it is just limited to how much a unit can charge the enemy.

All types of units should recieve weariness, including siege. Siege units are powered by real people, inside of the battering ram, loading the trebuchet/catapult (two different things) rocks, pooring oil to set fire to the inner city, etc.. Those people would get tired just as the rest of the army would during travels.

Even with archers firing they wont necessarily kill. In ancient times there was this great invention called the shield and platemail armor, works great against just about any type of weapon (not including siege/advanced gunpowder). The archers would also probably have limited fire arrows/arrows and would have to go to a tower or some station where there are arrow stocks ready to be replaced.

Also, boiling oil on the walls to stop invaders as well as ladders (along with the other siege weapons) would add more possibilties, ladders being the first siege units that are able to be built and boiling oil an advanced defensive/offensive technology.

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