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Old 09-17-2008, 04:50 PM
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Money is extraordinarily difficult to represent in game terms. If you look at most MMO's, they run into the fundamental problem that all resources are effectively infinite; you can "extract" items indefinitely because the monsters that drop them respawn indefinitely. This usually leads to hyper-inflation. Conversely, have only a finite amount of a resource available and it becomes priceless.

Look at Diablo II. Money is worthless there; offer currency in a trade and you'll get laughed at. Everything is bartered as a result. Take a look at Guild Wars; when they finally got around to adding good items to merchants, money was so devalued that players were still buying merchant stock until the price literally hit the hard-coded maximum. Alternately, look at the rune system in Diablo II. While you can find a "legit" high rune on any store, none of them are legit; over 99.99% of all runes are dupes that will poof into smoke if detected by anti-cheat devices. Legit high runes are literally priceless. Their value is so great that no one who owns one would sell it or trade it. Diablo II has both ends of the problem; one of its currencies is literally invaluable (and only available at all because people cheat), the other so common that it literally holds no value.