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Originally Posted by Sharku View Post
Spoilers, Muradin didn't die.
Eh? When did he come back to life? You know a story is going downhill when it spontaneously resurrects a dead character who was thoroughly and thematically slain.

Personally I thought the story was great up until the Night Elf campaign. That campaign was just poorly designed, the characters bland, and the missions overly straightforward. The expansion was excellent overall, but had the sour taste like an anime that had caught up to its manga and was struggling to create extra filler on the fly. The introduction of the Naga race and outland really stunk of a last-ditch attempt to add two campaigns to precede the undead one. They really didn't help the lore or strengthen the story.

As for Battle for Middle Earth, "success" is a dubious term. Financial success is one thing, but it had nothing to do with its quality of gameplay (or rather, the lack thereof). There were several good ideas and innovations, but they were screwed up by bad design choices and lack of polish.
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