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One of the big successes of Warcraft III that very few games have captured (and none successfully, IMO) was the customization of heroes, and the impact of hero selection on your overall strategy. Playing the human faction with an archmage was entirely different from playing with a mountain king and paladin, and even then skill selections offered a wide range of variations and strategies. Even to this day I know and use multiple different skill builds for heroes; I'm particularly fond of bolt/bash and bolt/clap mountain kings, and I often hesitate at level 2 to decide which route to go.

I loved a lot of the Warcraft III heroes for their character and customization. The bloodmage was one of my favourites once they patched siphon mana to actually be good. You can either play him as a powerful artillery (best in team) or as a tactical support character (banish is easily the game's most underrated spell; banish/siphon bloodmage has no damage output, but he's scary if used right). I also love the warden as any combination of two of her skills is totally valid and performs well in any matchup and any stage of the game. Shadow Hunter is one of those heroes that makes you cry that you can't max out three skills at once, since they make him so versatile and balanced. The Death Knight, however, easily takes the cake as the best designed hero due to his ridiculous versatility and power. All his skills rank as the game's best overall, not because of their sheer strength (except death pact, that's just insane @_@), but because they're so broad and reaching.

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