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Old 08-31-2008, 01:17 AM
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Joseph Visscher has extremely good reputationJoseph Visscher has extremely good reputationJoseph Visscher has extremely good reputationJoseph Visscher has extremely good reputation

Quote by ash12181987: "If your building a house, do you stand outside the construction site and yell at the guys building it, demanding he hurry up and give you a tour of the foundation? No, that would land you with a broken nose. So have some bloody patience and stop asking for table scraps when you will be fed the whole meal in the near future."

That was the best point you made Ash, and I totally agree with you.

A few people shouldn't influence an early release of anything, we will release new media when we find it to be the right time, we respect your opinions and we are watching, and we are going to make the best game that we can for you.

All of you must understand that Dawn of Fantasy is Reverie World Studio's first game title; we don’t have hundreds of millions to throw around here like EA does.

No publicity is still better than bad publicity.

People need to look at Valve, with their half life series, they practically don't release any information until the game is finished because they know it might change drastically by the time it is finally finished; I still can’t find any information on episode 3, although I know they started on it before even releasing episode 2.
Anyways, having media released to people this early might be bad publicity which will be bad for the game and the fan base in the long run.

For example: you watch a gameplay trailer for a game, you watch it, and it’s a very early trailer, not very good, you will think that that game sucks really bad, and you then leave the game, go find another game never to return, when really that game might become something of utter brilliance when it is finally ready to shine.
Who knows what value a diamond inside from a fragment of mud has until you clean and polish it to its own perfection?

A lot of you think that we might be making a mistake taking so long, but you do not have all of the pieces of the puzzle nor do you know that the entire topic at hand is balanced upon two or more attributes: Yes a media drive to late may spell less customers, but a early game media drive that invokes bad publicity, well, there are many mine fields to maneuver around.

-Joseph Visscher

(P.S), I’m pushing for new screenshots to be released, not promising anything on my own end, but trying; also people must understand that any dev can’t just release unauthorized content that violates our own Non Discloser Agreement; I want to so badly show you all so many cool things.
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