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Old 08-30-2008, 11:24 AM
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Puppeteer is just really nicePuppeteer is just really nicePuppeteer is just really nice

I did read the topic and i know perfectly where it's about. But do you prefer them to work on the game and get it better and greater or do you want them to spend their time on promoting a half finished game.
Pointless, irrelevant and sophistry. This is a false dichotomy, which in any case doesn't make any sense with what I'm debating.

Why do you want screens of a game, something that will take time and is ultimately useless, when they could be using that time to work more on the game?
Pointless, irrelevant and sophistry. This is a false dichotomy, which in any case doesn't make any sense with what I'm debating.

I think you two have misinterpreted my post. I only care for the marketing; but yet what you have oh so wrongly misconstrued is that I want another senseless point about me wanting updates just so I know how it's coming along, because I'm an impatient blighter. Which is so far from the truth; I care for the fact that with lack of updates to here one must imply that elsewhere there is nothing too for the public, seeing as these are Reverie's official forums. If we, who have followed this game, have little to go by I don't mind that I don't get to see all screenshots, in fact being me that makes the game more exciting, however you seem intent on making me seem impatient, but people who hear but the name of this game hear little about it, why would they want to buy it? Sure, a big marketing campaign at the end might bode well but somehow I doubt that, it's like UAW all over again! This is not about the fact that I want the Devs to waste time on some screenshots though they're through some half-development scheme so the update really shows nothing new for my benefit, it's that if they spent some time on Major Official Updates which they don't post solely here, but release all over the web then that would be time well spent. Delaying the release of the game being shipped is good if they raise more interest. This is what I'm debating, not that I want "pretty pictures" because I'm bored and impatient.

And if you're gonna make some contribution to this debate, don't waste your time on petty arguements. Stop trying to make this thing personal.

Agree with you there, Witchking. Annoying right?
There is a wealth of old topics with useful and unique information - your question may already have been answered!

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