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Old 08-30-2008, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by raving View Post

But do you prefer them to work on the game and get it better and greater or do you want them to spend their time on promoting a half finished game.
Well.. In companies like these, that develop games.. They have something that is called 'Producers'.. These guys, are the ones who's overseeing the whole development.. and are trying to sell the product, Its their job... and I bet this company have someone that has that proffession, to market the game..

SO, do you actually think that when a guy that is trying to market the game is also programming the game? thats two different kind of work..

Originally Posted by The Witch King of Angmar View Post
there's nothing we can do about it.
Yeah, that might be true.. But then again, by doing these kind of threads, shows that some people care about the marketing of the game, which apparently some other dont.

Originally Posted by ash12181987 View Post
In my post and in ravings we both say: Why do you want screens of a game, something that will take time and is ultimately useless, when they could be using that time to work more on the game? Reverie has already said that they releasing the game Q1 2009.
Why do I want screens? well the screens arnt the big deal here, eventhought its always good to market a game with eyecandy for the buyers.. but seems like you know nothin of sutch, but anyway.
The big thing is that probably 50% of those who know about the game, thinks its 'Dead', that is because, one thing.. the website hasnt been updated since ages, secondly there hasnt been any news/annoncements besides those on this forum. Which you probably thinks is great, because you seem to be professional at marketing..

It also indicates, in pretty much all of my posts: that I don't give a flipping crap about your opinion, you need to wait.
Well.. no one asked you to reply, if you dont give a damned..
I do want a metal, a nice and big one, with a massive slice of pie, and three urchins to do my bidding...
Hmm.. you do want a 'metal'? I dont understand what you want with a big metal piece.. Maybe you read the text, but i wonder if you undersood it