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Old 08-30-2008, 07:00 AM
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To raving, ash12181987..

Can you guys actually read other posts before you make a statement? By that i mean read the posts that has been posted before you..

As I'm also getting tierd of all this fanboys-Patient-waiting people who thinks they'll reseve a medal for being so patient or somethin..
Well as I said before, I do not believe that this threads Intentions was to push the fellows Developers at Reverie studio to release the game eariler.. We're not tierd of wait for the game to come.. we're tierd of waiting for updates about the features of the game.. And it seems like this game has gone way beyond what it was supose to schedule..

The forum as some say, is dead.. Which i think is true, whereas the threads that are made is just getting oftopic and those who arn't just remain dead.. Why? Because there is nothing to talk about that is related, because people dont know anything, feels like we barely touch the surfies of the game yet..

The really big update this month about the game, was that it might not be a playable Dragon faction anymore, which was the only clue about the game they left us with. Which only brought up alot of negative questions..