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Old 08-28-2008, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Liljagare View Post
I am not too sure who's brilliant idea it was to approach the market the way that DoF has done it, but seriously, its a bad idea.

No information when you promise it, no new screenies, no new demo's, no news of beta etc.

I read that some people keep writing that "We'll we don't want it rushed!", but seriously, things are starting to look lacking and lagging in this game. No new screenies, no new demos, nothing new on races.. Pre-constructs of cities have always sounded bad.

But, I seriously think that between the other longest running development race and sucky marketing, even Mount and Blade will out sell DoF..

Who's asleep at the helm? Or, who's too arrogant in the dev team? Who is the SCHMUCK responsible for the promotion of this game?
i approve of this post and here by out rules flameing ( dont post if u just wanna flame him but u can flame me as a meat shield )

yea totally agree tho man the forums died basically with no info for a long time i find it weird since they just got with lighthouse