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Old 07-14-2014, 03:15 PM
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Cool Little bit bored

So, I've been playing for a few years now and still enjoy the game. I've gone through a few towns and built my perfect armies to fight my Internet battles. I'm hoping for a larger community in the future, but even now I always find someone to play with. Just yesterday I had a few close cal pvp fights. You know the ones where you've barely used a heal/attack ability to stay in a fight and wonder if you should just pay out to save a few guys. I really cannot get enough of these matches I crave them more than beer. Here's hoping that I can get more of them down the line.
You know what else is fun? Coop, be it a siege or quest. Seeing another player army is like showing off tricked out cars. I really enjoy the different builds people have or use. Over time I've really tried to balance pvp/coop armies into seperate camps. This past month though I've moved to a jack of all trades balance. Ill admit the armies look cool, but running 60 knights at someone doesn't get old either. At first I lost sleep losing units, but I've found with time this anxiety kind of disappears.

The other day I was up at the dispensary getting some recreational medication, it's for my uh chronic everywhere sickness. So while I was sitting there waiting in line I thought why not play dof later. Long story short I totally went home and played a bit. Which worker out cause I've been working a good pvp army. I put together a cav army a while back it's seriously like driving a sports car around the map. Well I'm gonna get back to lurking the forums and not looking at ****. Have a good one Internet.

p.s. I totally love the flame wars on here and the steam forum. I eat up passive aggressiveness like its my job.

p.p.s this has been fun.
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