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Old 06-15-2014, 02:03 AM
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True... the game is easy for those who are here from the beginning... but, those who start now for the first time... it seem to be a complicated game. It dose not mean that the game mechanics should be changed, instead, yes, a better tutorial would make a good adition to it. Shure it would be a lot of work to implement it but it is worth the efort. In my mind, a good tutor would be a 10 to 20 minutes one where the advisor shows you exactly what button on the interface dose what, after he show how to gather resources correctly, what are the most basic units and what the abilities of the soldiers are generaly good for... after he takes you out to Mythador and explains in a fev steps how you interact with everything. Of course the tutor should be skipped with the posibility of turning it back on. If a player starts the game with the tutorial sone crowns should be added to the player as reward, but he he rejects the first time , then when he turns the tutor back in, he can not recieve the revard, so the player should be in a way, forced/motivated to learn the game.
Another aspect of the tutorial should be, if it starts before the great war so the player who plays the tutorial could have for those 10 to 20 minutes of play an almost full built castle and when the tutorial ends... it dose with the story that the great war d