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Old 05-10-2007, 03:24 PM
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Then that definitely stands as one of my greatest concerns. While I can understand the potential for a shortage of players, I don't feel that it justifies removing what is essentially the defining game mode of the genre.

There are five critical reasons I'd give to do this:

1) casual matches between friends; I don't want to destroy my friend's army which he's spent time building up, but that doesn't mean we don't want to have a game against each other from time to time.
2) casual matches in general; whether they be practice games with strangers or just 'for fun' battles, sometimes you want to have a fight with nothing at stake.
3) "tournament" style matches; seriously, it's impossible to have a real test of who is really better unless we can have a mirrored setup with even starts.
4) it puts your map editor to waste if you don't have a "custom" game mode (I'm hoping to see Warcraft3 / Starcraft style maps which put scripting to good use), and if you do have a custom game mode, then there will definitely be skirmish-style matches held using that feature.
5) even if you don't have skirmish mode, I guarentee there will be a skirmish mod within a week of the game's release, and you'll have the community split you want to avoid anyways.

I'm not going to cry if there isn't a skirmish ladder, but there definitely should be a skirmish mode.

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