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Old 05-18-2014, 06:53 PM
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Default Lag and those playing on server time.

I've noticed that even after the pathing patch that i still suffer from quite a bit of lag when i move units and such. I noticed its particularly bad when i pvp. I notice that not a lot of people complain about it anymore, and when i posted asking about it several months ago people didn't know what i was talking about and i was asked about my hardware/connection etc.

Now my hardware isn't bad, i built it myself with all the fun stuff. I'm not saying its a monster of a gaming machine, but i can run a lot of those AAA title games on high settings. As for my connection, well i play a lot of multi player games and i always get zero lag, in fact- out of any game i play, i only ever lag on DoF.

Where is this all going? Well it hit me the other day. When i made the suggestion for the server clock i stated myself that reset for me was at 5PM on the west coast. So I'm thinking, my lag is a result not due to the game itself/hardware/connections, its because the server is located fairly far away.

TL;DR, for those of you who play closer to the server (your reset time is at 0:00/12:00AM) do you guys suffer from any lag while playing this game? And does this mean that i will never get to play this game lag free due to where i live? :C