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Old 05-16-2014, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by IIvIIrrIIvII View Post
Aside from game breaking bugs the most important thing I believe is that the game isn't intuitive enough. Most people do not know how to play this game. The basic quests try to teach the player but really only hammers home the most simplistic things they don't need told how to perform, and the quests also tend to give bad (outdated?) information.

Here's my challenge to the developers. Go out and find someone who has never played DoF and have them try to do the following within the first few hours:

- Join an alliance. Ask them what they think the benefits of an alliance are.
- Use the Market store, ask them to purchase an elite unit. See if they feel comfortable about their decision despite there being little information on each of the elite units special abilitys(if at all)
- Ask them to name some of the ways they can earn crowns
- Ask them what Vassal's are and what purpose they serve
- See if they can understand how coop works
- See if they can successfully solo siege a town. Ask them if they understand the difference between where they chose to start their attack.

I think you'll find that most of these people will look at you like your insane. The game needs to give the players better audio/visual cues as to how, what and where to do things. I could write forever on how important it is for this game to be more intuitive. Right now I'm standing with a 52-2 Record. I lost those two matches because of crashes. The people do not know how to play this game.