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Old 04-19-2014, 10:33 AM
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hey while your patching and doing goofyness, can you guys consider adding in an animation to show how long is left on a wizards spells cooldown, add something in that lets you select your armies on the world map without having to find them, add in a trade system that lets you ferry resources automatically from vassals to your main city, and then maybe double the homelands natural res cap so it wont implode when all the res hits it. Add in a global ranking system to show the top Renown, most wins, most losses, largest army, etc. Add in more guild ranks. Add in a few more main hero options, like instead of the default melee guy you can pick from 2-3, each with different abilities or something.

And could you guys consider selling cosmetic changes for real money? like special skins for elite units or buildings or something, you guys need another source of income beyond game sales man, i can't fathom how you guys stay afloat.

and finally im gonna respam this idea "Also, any plans on making unit upgrades for orcs cheaper as the buildings level up? other races units get cheaper if you upgrade their buildings, but for orc units, like slayers impalers and beserkers, there is almost no benefit to leveling the building other than higher level base troops. I think that its not fair to orcs that our units are a flat rate when we are supposed to be able to spam them! please consider implementing this."

I'm not a developer so i honestly can't say how easy/hard these would be, but these all seem like relatively small changes that would go far towards improving the game.
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