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Originally Posted by gorgos96 View Post
i returned to game today and saw dintallas reward was 12 crowns is it that low for all cities because if it is im done wih the game since i dont have time to siege cities 200 times to collect crowns
Wow your leaving the game because they made you work for your elites? this game is so easy you can have everything in 2 months time, compare that to other hardcore games that require huge amounts of effort, it's really not that bad. you can win a siege in 5 min with the right army, thats 12 sieges in 1 hour for a total of 144 crowns in an hour, thats not bad! combine that with the 50 crowns you can get from gold and your sitting at 200 a day with only an hours investment, and thats enough to buy 1 of anything in the game.
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