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Old 04-05-2014, 03:49 AM
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Hello again i dont wand to push anyone but lets say......

how is it going on the patch came out on 28.03.14 you write me it should be solved in the next patch
im sorry to say that the main bugs are still there

and a new bugg seems to be there to like...... i should normaly beable to buy 50 crouns a day
since 3 days im full and cant buy any more :-!

The Problem withe the quests and being able to give Lenoth skill points is still there the only thin i cant do with him anymore is give him enough skill points to walk around my city with him anymore.

and what i am not sure about as i started to play the game my city gathered recources if the game was not running but it stopped ages ago around the time i write my first every time i go online my city has the same gold stone ....... as i left the game but the camps where peasents are they do gather recources as the game is not running is that normal ?

and the mines in my city ...... same problem they wont regenerate like they should.....

sorry again for my bad english writing

and now i dont only have bugs or problems i must also say you guys have done a very good job so far to stopp the lag sync problem also bugs with walls and so on and and and your doing a very good job but please dont forget me :-)

best regards