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Originally Posted by ReCoder View Post
He's behind Onomas :P we've been busy with a lot of bug work.
Yes, as recoder said we have been busy with the expansion, so now that i got some time here is our next daily hint.

Playing orc's is one of the hardest classes in the game, so when you are new to the game I have had players start as an orc class and get upset. I would suggest you start as an elf or a human learn the game then try orcs :-).

I would recommend everyone to find an alliance because in the future they will come in hand, I won't say much detail but let's just simply say that we have MAJOR plans for alliances in the progress. An alliance will be able to support you with crowns, troops, etc in the future. Also if your in an alliance those members won't be able to attack you so a little extra protection :-)